Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 177 (Round Two M&B RHOF) 

Your Weekly Dose Show # 177 opens with Owner Of A Lonely Heart by YES in honor of National Cheer Up The Lonely Day. Well Mark & Brian are nominated once again to the Radio Hall of Fame. To honor the guys we give you a M&B Past Moment - When Tom Jones sang and M&B play the brass. Then Steve & Sean talk about a friend who passed due to Covid 19. Amber talks about getting some kind of virus on her throat. Zach talk about passing his class.  Sean offers up some Lock Down Pick Me Ups. Next the gang  plays Carl Reiners Last performance. Then the gang honor the passing of Charlie Daniels & Ennio Morricone. Amber give you Things You Didn't know The Purpose if for. Lastly it's Part III of Neanderthals.

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