Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 175 (Amber Knows Dishwashers) 

Your Weekly Dose Show #175 opens with Seals & Croft's Summer Breeze by ShawBlades in honor of SummerGiving - It's Thanksgiving but in the summer time! Yeah we don't get it either - We start off with Steve talking about a new part his visited, Amber goes to a restaurant for the first time, Sean talks about buying new TV at Best Buy his mom's birthday and Zach talks about his new class and BBQ at his house with the gang and friend Quinton Flynn. Next the gang talks to Paul Preston of The Movie Guys. Sean gives a few Lockdown Pick Me Ups. Then we get informed on Redneck Medical Terms, Give Top 15 Dwayne Johnson Movies, How to load a dishwasher properly - then Steve informs us how to grill anything for the summer. Finally we offer up a new soap opera. 

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