Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 171 (It's The 5-0 and We're Not Talking Hawaii)) 

Your Weekly Dose #171 opens up with We Got It Going On by Bon Jovi. Boy do we have it going on today. Listen in as we celebrate our leader Sean Roberts's 50th birthday! Sean get's calls from a wide range of friends and family. First he talks to our first co-host Vee Schnieder, then our own Movie Guys Paul Preston tests Sean's memory, next Sean gets birthday wishes from M&B's Brian Phelps himself and Laura (make sure you vote) Stringer. Brian even plays the game with us. Then Leader of the M&B 25 Yr FB Page Dann Novak does his best Todd Donaho impression. Next family members call in and we do a poorly ZOOM party singing Sean a Happy Birthday and finally a call from Quiton Flynn & message from Larry Saltis. 

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