Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 162 (Its All About That Weed) 

We start of Your Weekly Dose show # 162 with One by Three Dog Night as we continue with isolation during the pandemic. We first catch up on how each member of YWD is staying safe and what home projects they are doing. Then the gang talks about the pass of basketball legend Fred "Curly" Neal of The Harlem Globetrotters, your chance to co-write a song with Jon Bon Jovi, how 80's teen singer Tiffany is doing her own challenge. Then we discuss the Top Best/Worst Things to Eat On A Stick, Weeds that you can use medicinally that you'll find in your backyard. Then we call Dr. Jim Sears for National Doctors Day. 

LINKS: 3 Dog Night Music     Co-Wite w/ Jon Bon Jovi     Curly Neal     Dr. Jim Sears








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