Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 123 (Summer's Here Or So They Say) 

We open with Summer Nights by Rascal Flatts to celebrate the beginning of summer !  Next we celebrate Mark & Brian's nomination to the Radio Hall of Fame by giving a past moment of when they spoke to Jack Nicholson ... or did they ???   Sean talks about his Father's Day, Dawnee B talks about going to the Salon, Producer Zach talks about his car getting towed and informs us of some wonderful news!! and Steve well he had some more special brownies. Next Steve & Dawnee B give reasons why you should have a Summer Fling. Next we call Listener Gary to wish him Happy National HVAC Day. Then we do a Summer Song Frenzy - what is your fave song about summer? Let us know!! Then we give you What's News and then play the game.

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