Your Weekly Dose Podcast - Show 010 (I Just Hear Tracy) 

We open the show with the song Laraine by our awesome guest Tracy Newman.  We start off with talking about PJ's new job as a Traffic Producer. Steve's play opens up this week and Sean is still Spring Cleaning!! We then pay our respects to Legendary comedian Don Rickles and discuss the impact it had on Jimmy Kimmel. Then finally we interview Sean's friend Tracy Newman!  You may not know her name but you know here work. She is an Award Winning television writer. She wrote the the t.v. shows Cheers, The Nanny, The Drew Carey Show and along with her partner Jonathan Stark they wrote "The Puppy Episode" for the sit-com Ellen for which they won an Emmy & The Peabody Award. Tracy & Jonathan also created the sit-com According to Jim, which starred Jim Belushi and ran for 8 seasons.  We talk not only about her television writing career but her singer/songwriting career and her latest album in collaborating with her daughter Charlotte Dean. We then wrap up and play the game with Barry and Amy.

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