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Your Weekly Dose brings you fresh talk while paying homage to the Radio Hall of Fame Nominee's Mark & Brian.  Hosted by former M&B listeners - Sean Roberts,  Steve Silva along with Amber Ash-McCary and Producer Zach  - they quip on current events, interview a wide range of guests, throw in comedy sketches and perform regular features that'll leave you in stitches. Plus you get help from spiritual coach Tina Anderson  and what movies to see from Paul Preston of The Movie Guys. They'll also take your questions via phone, Twitter and Facebook, not to mention your chance to play the hilariously challenging trivia game "Quiz me, Quiz You."  Take Your Weekly Dose live every Saturday morning at 10am or listen to past show by subscribing to them here or via iTunes, Podbean and Stitcher. 

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Your Weekly Dose Past Moments (Thanksgiving & Tyler Hilton)  

Today's show is actually a Past Moments show featuring Mississippi Queen by Mountain as our Theme Song for National Mississippi Day. Today's show is Thanksgiving Past moments and an interview with singer/songwriter and actor Tyler Hilton.  We hope that all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families and were also being safe. Until Next Week.

LINKSMountain music

Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 196 (Stars On Guitars)  

Your Weekly Dose Show #196 opens with a medley done by The Ventures. Bur first Zach talks more about his new job at iHeart Radio, Steve talks about seeing Sean Not Perform and then going to see the Princess Bride in a Drive In format style and Sean talks about how much he is an idiot. Then the guys show what's wrong with Trumps attorneys and then they interview friend of the program Staci Layne Wilson. She recently made a documentary about her father guitarist Don Wilson and his band The Ventures. Lastly Sean shares a new version of the song I'm A Believer by Neil Diamond.

LINKS: The Venture Music     Staci Layne Wilson   






Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 195 (Visit From A Dear Friend)  

Your Weekly Dose show #195 opens with Back in Black by AC/DC in honor of today's guest. But first the guys catch up with one another. Zach continues to talk about his struggles with his math class, Steve talks about hanging out with Sean and seeing him play bass at an open mic, Sean finishes the open mic story and talks about his acoustic performance at a local bar. Next our new segment Not So Weekly Dose of Wisdom with our old friend Tina Anderson. Tina discusses about worrying and that we really don't need to. The guys then celebrate National Bundt Cake day and the new possible vaccine from Eli Lilly. Then the guys ask What is the most disgusting thing in your fridge & how do you enjoy a pickle. Lastly we get a visit from our dear friend and former co-host Victoria Schneider and we talk about her new career and her new podcast that every woman should listen to. 

LINKS:  AC/DC Music     Tina Anderson     Victoria Schneider Podcast 









Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 194 (Steve Is Older Than Dirt)  

Your Weekly Dose Show # 194 opens up with the 1949 hit Ghost Riders In The Sky by Vaughn Monroe in honor of the year Steve was born. But first we announce that Joe Biden & Kamala Harris will be the next President & Vice President for this country. Next Zach talks about his classes, Steve overcomes the stress of Election week and Sean talk about his two performances and his son's performance in his school choir. Then we do Horoscopes and talk about our fave games we played outside as kids - Lastly we celebrates Steve's 71st birthday and we find out he is older than dirt!

LINKS: Vaughn Monroe music






Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 193 (Scary Scary & The Radio Hall of Fame)  

YWD Show #193 opens with Frank Sinatra's Witchcraft for Halloween. Amber talks about her daughter Miles being sick last week & getting ready for her filming in Atlanta.  Steve talks about hanging out with Sean - seeing Sean playing the drums for an open mic and watching the World Series together. Sean also gives his perspective about the open mic. Next we hear from our friend Paul Preston from the Movie Guys and he gives his Top 5 Horror Movies.The gang also discusses the passing of actor Sean Connery, Top 10 Halloween Songs & Would You Live In This Haunted Mansion. Last we replay for you the Induction of Mark and Brian into the Radio Hall of Fame. 

LINKS: Frank Sinatra Music








Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 192 (Happy Birthday Young Man)  

YWD Show #192 opens with Forever Young by Rod Stewart. Today's show starts off with Steve talking about seeing Sean perform, Zach talks about his new tattoo and Sean talks about his son's birthday - speaking of his son Roman sat in on the show and boy was he surprised. First we get a special call from our friend Tina Anderson to help him with his inner self. Then Sean takes his son back to the day he was born and we lean all about 2004. Then there are some messages to Roman from family, friends, listeners and even a few special friends.  

LINKS: Rod Stewart Music








Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 191 (True Meaning of Disney Magic)  

YWD Show #191 opens with Pink House by John Mellencamp. Zach starts things off with talking about going up in the plane to learn how to do traffic. Amber more about the puppy, kids, two jobs and a new girlfriend. Steve ate a lot of chocolate and rewatched the Japanese film YOUR NAME. Sean talks about how the bar reacted to his performance on Thursday night. Then the gang reads signs made at the El Arroyo in Austin, Tx, the passing of Conchata Ferrell, Sean reads a letter to Disney Cast Members and talks about his experience at Disney. Sean then also shares a mix of Van Halen & Michael Jackson. Steve reads Red Skelton's idea's for a perfect marriage. Finally the gang asks the Crystal Ball some questions 

LINKS: John Mellencamp Music 




Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 190 (Remembering Eddie Van Halen)  

Your Weekly Dose Show #190 opens with Cause I can play guitar by Big & Rich in honor if EVH. Zach discusses his new job at iHeart Radio, Steve talks about the Lakers and an anime movie called Your Name, Amber talks about a Covid 19 scare from her ex husband and the puppy almost barfed into her girlfriends mouth and Sean talks about his new business cards and his last acoustic performance. Then the gang talks about mental health day. Finally their friend Christian James Hand from The Session On Air joins YWD to talk about the career and influence of Eddie Van Halen. 

LINKS: Big & Rich Music









Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 189 (Choosing The Right Dog For You)  

Your Weekly Dose Show # 189 Opens with Taco Grande by Weird Al Yankovic in honor of National Taco Day. First Steve talks about watching the Lakers Game, Amber mentions it's work, puppy and making the video for our new contest, Sean talks about finding a little friend & Zach talks about his new job at iHeart Radio and his photo shoot with Amber. Then we talk with our Spiritual Guide Tina Anderson and picking the best dog for you based upon your zodiac sign. Then the gang presents a new song by Weird Al based on the Presidential Debates. Next Sean honors the talents of Mic Gillette, Helen Reddy and Mac Davis who passed away. Then the gang offers up Things That Make You Think and finally the gang calls Listeners Frances and Amy to wish them a happy birthday. 

LINKS: Weird Al Yankovic Music








Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 188 (Is Daniel LaRusso A Jerk)  

Your Weekly Dose Show # 188 opens with the Scooby Doo Theme by Matthew Sweet.  First we catch up - Steve's happy about the Lakers going into the playoffs, Amber talks her friends who have a show that might be on Netflix and who wrote apart for Amber to be in it, Zach is officially working for iHeart Radio and Sean talks about his recent acoustic performance. Next we have Paul Preston going over the Karate Kid Trilogy & Cobra Kai TV show and Listeners Mike & Kay. Then the gang talks about the Most Haunted Cities, Most Expensive Comic Books, Top 10 One Hit Wonders and a call from Shamu the Whale. 

LINKS: Matthew Sweet Music       Eric Harthen 









Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 187 (It's All About The Setup)  

Your Weekly Dose Show # 187 opens with Dance the Night Away by Van Halen. We first catch up with one another - Amber talks about her her kids going to school & her DoorDash experience, Zach talks about his food poisoning, Steve Gives us the weather report on DelMarVa and Sean talks about joining another internet radio station and his first acoustic show in almost 4 years. Then gang then offers up a new sponsor, discuss the recent earthquake, Songs that have dance instructions for National Dance Day and what Lesbians and Bisexual women look for in dating apps.  Next the gang gets a call from a special guest regarding a new network for K9's and we wrap it up with What's News?!

LINKS:  Van Halen Music









Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 186 (Where Were You?)  

Your Weekly Dose show #186 opens with Do The Donkey Kong by Buckner & Garcia in honor of National Video Game Day. In Catching Up Amber drinks a milkshake IPA and gets a new puppy, Sean's acoustic show gets cancelled due to the fires & loses his Godfather to a heart attack, Zach talks about his math class and Steve stays indoors all week due to the fallout from the fires and took edibles. Next Paul Preston joins us and tells about the new Bill &Ted movie, Chistopher Nolan's Tenant and the new Batman Trailor. Then the gang offers up a new sponsor, remembering 9/11, Uncle Sam Facts, Best Fast Food Chocolate Milkshakes and 8 Things Guys Are Embarrassed About and then we wrap it up with a Pocket Size Cinema.

LINKS: Pac-Man Fever Album      Alan Jackson Music  







Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 185 (OMG Triple Digits)  

YWD Show #185 opens with Some Like It Hot by John Cafferty because we here in So Cal are having a triple digit heatwave. First the gang catches up with one another. Tina Anderson joins us to tell us what kind of criminal you are based on your sign. Then we get more beer lessons from Listeners Mike & Kay. Then the gang offers up Tailgating Tips, Best Zoos in the world, Their favorite thing about Zoos and then Funny Bumper Stickers. 

LINKS:  John Cafferty









Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 184 (Name That One Hit Wonder)  

Your Weekly Dose show # 184 opens with Kokomo by The Beach Boys to honor National Beach Day. First the gang catches up. Amber talks about a friend visiting her and strange guy wandering around her apartment complex. Steve talks about when he lived in Long Beach & exercising. Sean talks about getting his son's bike fixed and working on his trains. Zach talks about still auditioning for iHeart Radio. Next the gang offers ups some Tweets about Weird Teachers, the passing of Chadwick Boseman, Sean has the gang guess One Hit Wonders and finally the gang discussing friends playing matchmaker for them. Then an episode of the Neanderthals.

LINKS: The Beach Boys Music








Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 183 (Radio Hall of Fame Here Come M&B)  

Your Weekly Dose Show#183 Opens with I Just Want To Celebrate by Rare Earth since we are so happy to hear that Mark & Brian will now be inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame. In honor of that we decided to play our fave M&B Past Moment or Character. Then we announce that the Crystal Ball has been found and has a new home here at Your Weekly Dose. Next we offer up a Pocket Size Cinema, celebrate National Radio Day and finally tune in to The Neanderthals.


LINKS: Rare Earth Music









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