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Your Weekly Dose brings you fresh talk while paying homage to the Radio Hall of Fame Nominee's Mark & Brian.  Hosted by former M&B listeners - Sean Roberts,  Steve Silva and Dawnee B,  along with Producer Zach and their Gal About Town, Grace - they quip on current events, interview a wide range of guests, throw in comedy sketches and perform regular features that'll leave you in stitches. Plus you get help from spiritual coach Tina Anderson  and what movies to see from Paul Preston of The Movie Guys. They'll also take your questions via Phone, Twitter and Facebook not to mention your chance to play the hilariously challenging trivia game "Quiz me, Quiz You."  Take Your Weekly Dose live every Saturday morning at 10am or listen to past show by subscribing to them here or via iTunes, Podbean and Stitcher. 

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Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 140 (One Hell Of A Show)  

We open the show with If God Was A Woman by Richie Sambora. We start off things with Steve telling us about watching an orchestra play music from the game of Halo. Amber has a little of a rough week but let's us know her kids are dicks! Zach informs us about visiting the SALEM Kickstarter party with Sean. Plus he was able to correct his teacher but got no thanks. Sean talks about visiting his past bandmate Jamis Iovine and watching his country band perform. Then we get a special call from our friend & fellow podcaster Kat Ellis of Chords & Vines. Next they gang gives you Things You Can Say About Your Car But Not Your GF/Wife. Steve gives Kentucky Fun Facts, Sean gives Signs You're Not Ready For Marriage - then the gang has a small convo about jealousy. Then the gang talks about their favorite Halloween Costumes. 

LINKS:  Richie Sambora    Elvis     Sammy Hagar    







Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 139 (No Bra On The Farm)  

We start the show with I'm Coming Out by Diana Ross for National Coming Out Day. Bree & Amber return. Bree tells us about her Oregon trip, Bree gives us good news about the dog, Steve tell us he got hearing aides, Zach talks about one of his teachers and Sean tells us his busy week. Then the gang celebrates Free Thought Day with things that make you go Hmm? Next the gang talks about the passing of musicians Larry Junstrom & Ginger Baker, comedian Rip Taylor and actor Robert Forster. Sean treats the gang to Rodney Carrington's Show Them To Me for No Bra Day and Steve gives some Vermont State facts. Next Amber talks about coming out to her family & Bree heads out to the Farmers Market and comes back with 3 different salsas.

LINKS:   Diana Ross       Lynard Skynard        Cream     









Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 138 (The Quest - Round 1 Day 2)  

We open with Play That Funky Music by Wild Cherry in honor of National Funk Day. WE continue our Ch-Host with The Mo-host and start of with Contestant Amber telling us about her girlfriends dog, Steve tells us about his Disneyland visit with his grand daughter, Sean tells us about a high school version of Who's LIne and Zach informs us about his experience seeing the movie The Joker. Then the gang runs down Horoscopes with Tina Anderson. Nex t they talk about Diann Carol's passing, discuss if it's over for Van Halen plus we give you some Fall Traditions. Then we send Amber to do something nice . 

LINKS:  Wild Cherry     Van Halen     Guns N Roses











Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 137 (The Quest - Round 1, Day 1)  

We open with The Coffee by Billy Falcon for National Coffee Day. We have two of the first contestants for the Quest for the Co-Host with the Mo-Host. We first learn about Gennah's life as a mermaid, Bree and Steve's camping experiences and Steve also talks about his daughter's visiting him from Utah. Then we have Listeners Mike & Kay give us 3 more beers to try. The gang then talks about actor Robert Garrison from the Karate Kid passing, The backlash of the possible remake of The Princess Bride. Next Gennah doing the Gal About Town is sent out for National Good Neighbor Day to see who is a good neighbor. Once Gennah gets back we have her go head to head with Bree on who can suck a penny better! 

LINKS: Billy Falcon Music   Jo Dee Messina Music











Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 136 (One More Gal )  

We open the show with California Girls by The Beach Boys. We picked this song to honor the 3 more gals who will be apart of our Quest for the Co-Host with the Mo-host. Producer Zach is out sick so Steve & Sean hold down the fort first by giving you a M&B Past Moment with Listener Dustin's Special Talent. Steve talks about cat sitting while Sean gives us an update on his cover band. Then the guys pay tribute to Ric Ocasek of The Cars. Next the guys give you Funny Tweets about being single, New York State Facts and the most popular movies about dancing. Then the guys introduces contestant Gabriel who will be talking part of the Quest for the Co-Host with the Mo-Host. 

LINKS:  The Beach Boys    The Cars    Richard Cheese   Frank Sinatra     

              The Wonders       Jim Croce    Van Halen













Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 135 (The Finalists Or So We Thought)  

We open with A Girl Like That by Nelson or the Nelson Brothers. We start of with Steve talking about his Fantasy Football, Zach talks about his roommate smoking too much weed and Sean talks about mic he's building at work. Then the guys wish listener Dawn in Havasu a Happy Birthday, talk Horoscopes, Steve gives Virgina Fun Facts, Sean presents a mash up song between Van Halen & Michael Jackson, then they play tribute to Eddie Money. Then we continue the Quest for the Co-Host with the Mo-Host and we meet contestants Bree and Sarah.  

LINKS:  Nelson Music      Eddie Money Music











Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 134 (You're Calling From Where?)  

We open the show with Beautiful Girls by Van Halen in honor of the lovely ladies that we will have on the air later today. But first we start with Listeners Mike & Kay letting us know what beers to drink for National Beer Day. Next week jump in with our guest Voice Over Actor Quinton Flynn. We learn Quinton's story from Cleveland, Ohio to moving to Los Angeles to becoming one of the biggest Voice Over actors in animation and the video game industry. Next we continue our Quest for the Co-Host with the Mo-host and introduce you to Contestants Amber and Gennah  and learn why they want to be a member of the Your Weekly Dose Family. 

LINKS: Van Halen Music    Motley Crue Muisc     A Hard Day's Day Film










Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 133 (The Big Announcement)  

We open with Working For A Livin' by Huey Lewis & The News for Labor Day. We start off with quoting some Mel Brooks films but we kick things off with our friend Paul Preston of The Movie Guys and talk about our favorite films about foot ball. Then we give you a M&B Past Moment where the gang played a prank on Brian. Sean & Steve thank everyone from AWOW, Sean talks about going to his sons first high school football game, Steve gets ready for his Fantasy Football. Next the guys talk about the passing of actress Valerie Harper, give you some South Carolina Facts, they also talk about how it's better to get setup for a date by friends rather than Dating Apps. Then the guys give the big announcement - The Quest to Find The Co-host with the Mo-Host!  We meet contestant Tiffany Kanoa. 

LINKS: Huey Lewis Music  Neal Diamond Music  The Monkees Music















Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 132 (Sun, Sand and Surfing)  

We open with Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride by Mark Kealiʻi Hoʻomalu, Kamehameha Schools Children's Chorus in honor of us broadcasting from Bolsa Chica State Beach for the A Walk on Water surf event.   The guys give off some Facts about Bolsa Chica plus some surfing facts. They also share their favorite surf and beach movies, Top 10 Reasons Surfboards Are Better Than Women plus they offer up a Pocket Size Cinema. Sean & Steve also get to interview JP Peret aka Pelican from  AWOW and professional surfer Courtney Conlogue.

LINKS: Lilo & Stitch     A Walk On Water    Courtney Conlogue













Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 131 (Everyone's Back At School)  

We open with Honey Bee by Blake Shelton in honor of World Honey Bee Day.  First we talk about - Did Mark Thompson make a mistake on his podcast about Jimmy Webb? Then we catch up with one another - Steve talks about losing a friend to cancer, Zach relives driving off with the gas hose still in his car and going to Flappers - Sean talks about a quite week for him. Then we talk about the passing of actor Peter Fonda. Then the guys give you some Funny Tweets about those going back to school. Next the guys talk about the Worst and Best Degrees to get in College. Then Steve gives you the best degrees to give you the best paycheck right out of college. We then find out both Steve & Zach had bad high school experiences but we find out what the favorite subjects are for High School students! Next the gang talked about how School House Rock influenced them and got Sean through high school. 

LINKS: Blake Shelton Music     Steppenwolf  Music    Easy Rider    Four Tops Music   

Chuck Berry Music    Beach Boys Music    Paul Simon Music













Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 130 (Rollin', Rollin', Rollin")  

We open with Big Balls by AC/DC because it's National Bowling Day therefore we are broadcasting Live at Linbrook Bowl in Anaheim. Well we first talk about Mark & Brian not getting into the Radio Hall of Fame. But that's ok - we will try again for next year. Then we catch up. Zach asks us about not liking certain things as we get older. Steve talks about dog sitting for his friends 3 dogs and Sean shares his Father & Son Days at Disneyland (thanks to Steve) and his trip to the Taylor Guitar Factory. Plus Sean shares his son singing John Lennon's Imagine. Then the guys give you some Bowling Puns, Bowling Facts, Coolest thing we've found at a Garage Sale, Crazy Reasons People Divorced - Zach asks us what's going to far for sex. Sean gives us things that will make you happy and won't cost you a dime. The guys then give you a Pocket Sized Cinema, What's News and then play the game with a few bowlers. 













Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 129 (Lagers and Ales and Stouts Oh My!)  

We open the show with Ice Cream Man by Van Halen for Ice Cream Day. First we play a classic Mark & Brian Past Moment - Old Yeller - as we wait to hear if M&B get into the Radio Hall of Fame. Then we read our Horoscopes and talk to our friend Spiritual Adviser Tina Anderson about the energy of crystals. Steve then reads us some Listener Emails. Then we meet Listeners Mike & Kay who are beer experts. They brought samples of different kinds of beer for us to taste including one made by Listener Kay. We give them some Georgia State facts and they join us for the game. 

LINKS:  Van Halen Music    Garth Brooks Music   Ray Charles Music



















Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 128 (Nothing Like The Fair)  

We open the show with County Fair by the Beach Boys in honor of broadcasting at the Orange County Fair.  First thing we do is play a great M&B Past Moment when Mark's wife Lynda accidentally sends an improper text to their son Matt!  We also send our condolences to Mark & Lynda on the passing of their dog Red. We then Catch Up with each other - Steve, Sean and Zach talk about attending DICK! The Musical, Paul tell us about ComiCon and Zach tells us about Jury Duty. We then meet New Listener Jane and discuss garlic with her.  Then our friend Paul Preston from The Movie Guys gives us his movie reviews.Then Sean & Steve give you Facts about New Jersey & Cowboys. Then they tell you what to look for when your Amish teen goes wild.

LINKS: The Beach Boys    The Movie Guys    The OC Fair  











Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 127 (25 Years In The Making)  

We open with Man on the Moon by REM to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the landing on the moon.  We first offer up a great M&B Past Moment when the guys go to the moon themselves! Then we talk to the great Marc Bonilla about his new album Celuloid Debris. This album is 25 years in the making and wow what an album it is and what a great interview on how he composed and put the album together. Then we share the Apollo 11 landing on the moon and some lollipop facts.

LINKS: REM Music    Marc Bonilla    Buzz Aldrin Punches a Guy  Apollo 11 Landing















Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 126 (Showing Our Assets)  

We open the show with Long Train Running by The Doobie Brothers in honor of where we were broadcasting from. Today we broadcasted from the Mugs Away Saloon in Laguna Nigal to help celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Mooning of the trains. First thing off we honor the death of Ross Perot by playing a M&B Past Moment when Ross visited M&B. Next we catch up with Dawnee B who drove drown from San Francisco to do the show, Sean talks about his son's performance and what happened right before they go on the air, Zach talks about his classes being over with and getting B's for the class. Steve talks about attending his High School reunion with his nephew & his wife who visit our show.  Next we talk about our best and worst summer jobs. Then Dawnee B is the first one to moon the Train! We then interview Huch who is the owner of Mugs Away Saloon and Erin & Tami from Lazarex Cancer Foundation.

LINKS:  The Doobie Brothers music    Lazarex Cancer Foundation   Mugs Away Saloon














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