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Your Weekly Dose brings you fresh talk while paying homage to the Radio Hall of Fame Nominee's Mark & Brian.  Hosted by former M&B listeners - Sean Roberts,  Steve Silva along with Amber Ash-McCary and Producer Zach  - they quip on current events, interview a wide range of guests, throw in comedy sketches and perform regular features that'll leave you in stitches. Plus you get help from spiritual coach Tina Anderson  and what movies to see from Paul Preston of The Movie Guys. They'll also take your questions via phone, Twitter and Facebook, not to mention your chance to play the hilariously challenging trivia game "Quiz me, Quiz You."  Take Your Weekly Dose live every Saturday morning at 10am or listen to past show by subscribing to them here or via iTunes, Podbean and Stitcher. 

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Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 224 (A Man of Many Talents)  

Show #224 opens with Another Tattoo by Weird Al Yankoic in honor of National Tattoo Day.  The guys catch up with one another with Steve talking about a recent Tim Allen film he saw while Sean gets ready for his first Post Covid performance. Next the guys give you a Pocket Size Cinema. Then they talk to the man of the hour Prince Fleet Easton!! Who?? Yeah we said the same thing but this man is truly talented and is the opening act for the Trini Lopez Tribute concert in Las Vegas. The guys learn about Fleet, his career, his charities, the common people that Fleet & Sean both know and just what a nice guy he is. 

LINKS:  Weird AL  Music



Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 223 (Always Wear White on Fridays)  

Your Weekly Dose Show #223 opens with Summertime by Danny Wilde & The Rembrants. Today the it's only Steve & Sean in the room. First they thank and say goodbye to Producer Zach, who has moved on to a permanent position at iHeart Radio. Next the guys talk to Tina Anderson with some awesome advice. Next the guys read Horoscopes, offer Funny 4th of July Tweets, tell their fave 4th of July memory and give you Pina Colada fun facts. Then discuss should you charge your kid rent when they turn 18? Good Idea Bad Idea?


LINKS:  The Rembrants Music






Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 222 (Dad's Special Day & A New Holiday)  

Your Weekly Dose Show # 222 opens with Watching You by Rodney Atkins for Father's Day. Zach talks about his trip to the doctors with his girlfriend. Sean Announces being  a part of a Trini Lopez tribute concert in Vegas. Next they talk about the  new holiday Juneteenth, give you Dadvice tweets, play the M&B PSA for dads and a new segment - Would You Press The Button?

LINKS: Rodney Atkins Music




Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 221 (Who's Your Daddy??)  

Your Weekly Dose show #221 Starts off with Where's The Love by Hanson in honor of National Love Day. The Show begins well - Steve shares a wonderful story about gal with cancer getting the golden button on America's Got Talent. Then we move to Zach's Big Announcement. Yes our own Producer Zach Teigen is going to be a father. So sit back and enjoy this special show. 

LINKS: Hanson's Music 







Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 220 (Masturbation And The Bear)  

Your Weekly Dose Show #220 Opens with Moonshine Road by Kix Brooks in honor of National Moonshine Day!  Steve talks about the Lakers, Amber talks about how she takes care of her skin & her new Beau and Sean talks about his birthday party and getting hair cuts. The gang give you horoscopes, tribute to actor Gavin MacLeod and singer BJ Thomas. Then was ask Amber about true masturbation techniques and the teenager who took on a bear.

LINKS:  Kix Brooks Music 






Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 219 (Sean's 50th Birthday - Take Two)  

Your Weekly Dose Show # 219 opens with The Birthday Blues by B.B. King in honor of Sean's 51st Birthday.We start off with our friend Paul Preston from The Movie Guys, giving us some movies to check out. Then Steve reads some Listener Emails and one rips into Sean! On His Birthday Show!  Then the gang tries to stump Sean on drum intros to songs. Then Amber takes Sean to a special place to give him a birthday present. 

LINKS:  BB King Music





Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 218 (My Pet Alligator and I)  

YWD Show # 218 is here. We open up with Billy Joel's Piano Man in honor of Buy A Musical Instrument Day. Zach talks about going up in the traffic plane by himself, Steve talks about watching the Lakers and Sean talks about his trains and some open mics. Then the guys give you some really funny warning signs, Steve then brings up the new Hotel for Disney. Sean talks about how going to a concert can help you live 9 years more. Then the guys offer up a Pocket Size Cinema and the deliver  What's News and then the game

LINKS: Billy Joels Music

Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 217 (Drumming Weird Since 1980)  

Your Weekly Dose show #217 opens with Tie A Yellow Ribbon Around The Old Oak Tree by Tony Orlando & Dawn in honor of Armed Forces Day. First we find out how Amber and Zach enjoyed their birthday presents. Next we do pay tribute to those who are in the military for Armed Forces Day. Then we talk with Jon "Bermuda" Schwartz, drummer for Weird Al Yankovic. We learn how he became a drummer, how he and Weird Al met, his collection of snares & cymbals and also his book called Black & White & Weird All Over. A collection of photographs Jon took between 1983 & 1986 of behind the scenes from touring and recording with Weird Al. Then we get a special call from our friend voice over actor Quinton Flynn.

LINKS:  Tony Orlando & Dawn Music       Jon Schwartz       Jon's Book 








Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 216 (Chuggling Along In Costa Mesa)  

YWD Show #216 starts off with Midnight Train to Georgia in honor of mothers and National Train Day. First thing we do is Catch Up and Tina Anderson calls in to give us some interesting advice. Today is Zach's & Amber's Birthday show so we open presents and the Zach gets a call from voice actor/screenwriter David Hayter. Then we talk with Hank Castignetti who is the City Liason for Goathill Junction and the Orange County Model Engineers. Next Amber & Zach take a ride on the train as we then play our tribute to mothers. Once their done Sean & Steve take their turn riding the train as we play Jimmy Dean's IOU. Once back in the station we play the game with Hank. 

LINKS:  Gladys Night & The Pips Music     Warrant Music 






Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 215 (Drinking Till We Hallucinate Brian Phelps)  

Your Weekly Dose Show #215 opens with Better Beer by Kevin Fisher. Today we remote broadcast at listener's Mike & Kays house. But first we talk with Paul Preston and get his POV on the Oscars. Next we talk about Hollywood Bombshells, Have fun with Mike & Key teaching us some new beers for National Homebrew Day. Then we try to call Brian Phelps to wish him a happy birthday but we leave him a message.  Then we play the Bozo Brian from M&B and guess who calls Back!!!   







Your Weekly Dose Past Moments (Oscar fun and Cress Williams)  

Today's theme is That Thing You Do by The Wonders from the movie That Thing You Do in honor of the Oscars. First we replay our first Tinsel Town Spotlight and then offer up a Hollywood Version of MadLibs and finally replay our interview with actor Cress Williams who currently stars in the title role of the CW's BLACKLIGHTING.

Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 214 (My Album's Worth How Much?)  

Your Weekly Dose Show #214 opens with Witchita Lineman by the great Glenn Campbell in honor of National Lineman Day. First Zach talks about his classes and how he's doing, Amber talks about her new job, Steve talks about hanging out at Sean's house and Sean talks about working with his new bandmates. Next the gang talks with record collector and appraiser Mighty John Marshall. We learn how he got his Mighty name and  started record collecting. Sean the has some of his personal records appraised by Mighty John. Then Sean wants to show the gang a pic and find out what they see first - then Sean shares him talking in his sleep.

LINKS:  Glenn Campbell Music    Mighty John Marshall's website





Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 213(If We Could Talk To The Animals)  

Your Weekly Dose show # 213 opens with Animal by Def Leppard in honor of  Farm Animal Day. Both Zach & Steve had a quiet week so Sean talks about spending time with his Sister and her kids, his band rehearsal and Open Mic. Next we get advice from our friend Tina Anderson. Then to celebrate Farm Animal Day we talk with Ethan Fisher who manages the Santa Ana Zoo. Then discuss the passing of Prince Phillip, Steve reads listener emails, Best Submarine Movies, Top Best Selling 8-Tracks and then questions for the Crystal Ball. Lastly we do a long over due M&B Past moment: When Elvis talks to Kurt Russell. 

LINKS:  Def Leppard Music







Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 212 (Happy Easter & Passover)  

Your Weekly Dose Show #212 starts off with John The Revelator from the soundtrack of The Blues Brothers 2000 in honor of Easter. But first Zach talks about never seeing The Blues Brothers & his work week with iHeart Radio, Steve talks about enjoying his tablet and watching movies on it and Sean talks about getting his Fauchi Ouchi and rehearsing with a band that might work out. Then the guys give you Horoscopes, Funny Easter Signs, Top Jewish Bands to Listen to During Passover and a Pocket Size Cincema. 

LINKS: Blues Brothers Music




Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 211 (This Show Needs Coffee)  

Your Weekly Dose Show # 211 Opens with The Coffee by Billy Falcon in Honor of Cup of Joe Day. What a Crazy Day. Producer Zach is out. Amber is Remote and Sean & Steve are in the studio. We first talk with Paul Preston about Zach Schneider's Justice League. Then Popeye stops by to give us Spinach Facts. Then spring cleaning tips - Things That Make You Think and Funny Signs. 

LINKS:  Billy Falcon Music





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