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Your Weekly Dose brings you fresh talk while paying homage to the Radio Hall of Fame Nominee's Mark & Brian.  Hosted by former M&B listeners - Sean Roberts,  Steve Silva along with Amber Ash-McCary and Producer Zach  - they quip on current events, interview a wide range of guests, throw in comedy sketches and perform regular features that'll leave you in stitches. Plus you get help from spiritual coach Tina Anderson  and what movies to see from Paul Preston of The Movie Guys. They'll also take your questions via phone, Twitter and Facebook, not to mention your chance to play the hilariously challenging trivia game "Quiz me, Quiz You."  Take Your Weekly Dose live every Saturday morning at 10am or listen to past show by subscribing to them here or via iTunes, Podbean and Stitcher. 

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Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 162 (Its All About That Weed)  

We start of Your Weekly Dose show # 162 with One by Three Dog Night as we continue with isolation during the pandemic. We first catch up on how each member of YWD is staying safe and what home projects they are doing. Then the gang talks about the pass of basketball legend Fred "Curly" Neal of The Harlem Globetrotters, your chance to co-write a song with Jon Bon Jovi, how 80's teen singer Tiffany is doing her own challenge. Then we discuss the Top Best/Worst Things to Eat On A Stick, Weeds that you can use medicinally that you'll find in your backyard. Then we call Dr. Jim Sears for National Doctors Day. 

LINKS: 3 Dog Night Music     Co-Wite w/ Jon Bon Jovi     Curly Neal     Dr. Jim Sears








Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 161 (Sexy Talk With An Expert)  

We begin Your Weekly Dose Show #161 with Staying Alive by the Bee Gees cause that's what we are all doing with this Corona Virus. WE talk about how the virus is affecting us - certain music celebrities doing streaming concerts and how we can survive. We then talk with Certified Sex Therapist  Liz Dube on female masturbation, sex during the pandemic - will it make us or break us? Plus we celebrate National Strawberry Day & Proposal Day. Finally we give you some Home School Tweets from parents and the passing of great entertainers. 

LINKS:  Bee Gees Music       Liz Dube













Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 160 (Tequila, Vodka and Beer Oh My!)  

We start off Your Weekly Dose show #160 with Carry On Wayward Son by Kansas in honor of National Kansas Day. But we are really here to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and making sure that our listener's have a great time but remember NOT TO DRINK AND DRIVE!!!  We carry on the Mark & Brian Tradition of doing a drunk show - We start off with how the Coronavirus is affecting us. Amber lost money in the stockmarket, Sean got laid off from work, Steve's trying to stay home and Zach got his cartoon voice over reel done just in time.  Then we have Listener;s Mike & Kay join us and give us the most tastey Guinness to drink. Although many conventions have been canceled, the guys offer one that's not scared of the virus. For national Potato Chip Day & Corn Dog Day the room talks about their favorite Potato Chips and how we like to eat our corn dogs plus Sean gives us some corn dog facts. Then Steve offers some Leprechaun Facts and then the gang gives you a double feature of Pocket Size Cinema! 

LINKS: Kansas Music 









Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 159 (It's A Woman's World)  

Welcome to Your Weekly Dose show # 159 - Today's Theme is Woman Smarter by Harry Belafonte in honor of International Woman's Day. We open with our friend and spiritual guide Tina Anderson. She tells us about Pisces and Aries. Then we talk about the lawsuit between band members in Journey. Then the gang talks about favorite cereals and we hear from a new sponsor! Oreo Tweets for National Oreo Day and then talk about great women inventors for International Women's Day. Finally we offer up a Pocket Size Cinema. 

LINKS: Harry Belafonte Music     Helen Reddy Music      Journey Music








Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 158 (Hitting The Post)  

Your Weekly Dose show #158 is charged up and ready to go! This episodes theme is The Last DJ by Tom Petty in celebration of National DJ Day. First Amber shares her mom skills, Sean tell us about seeing songwriters Victoria Shaw, Gary Burr and Georgia Middleman, his 20th wedding anniversary and hanging out with friend of the program Jeff "Swampy" Marsh. Then the gang celebrates National Tooth Fairy Day, we get a call from Jack Nicholson and then discuss the  things we fear the most. Lastly we do our attempt of hitting the post just like the great Mark Thompson.

LINKS: Tom Petty Music









Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 157 (We're Learning about Tequila)  

Your Weekly Dose Show #157 ls proud to celebrate Margarita Day with the theme song being More Than a Margarita by Brooks and Dunn. First the gang talks with friend Paul Preston from The Movie Guys to talk about some up coming movies we should see and not see - then we get educated from Listeners Mike & Key on the best beer to drink with Tequila. Lastly we have Listener Brad who works for Jaja Tequila and he teach us ways of the agave and that Mexican potion. During that we also celebrate Sticky Buns Day

LINKS:  Brooks & Dunn Music






Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 156 (And the Oscar goes to Cupid)  

We open Your Weekly Dose Show #156 with Power of Love by Huey Lewis. First thing we do is give a M&B Past Moment with Debbie the Volleyball Player and her POV on Valentine's Day. Then the gang shares what they did for Valentine's Day and next share Valentines Tweets. Next we pay tribute to actor Robert Conrad, give Valentine's Day Facts & most popular gifts. Talk about the Oscar winners and then try and help a greeting card writer who lost his job. 

LINKS: Huey Lewis Music







Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 155 (Music, Movies and Pizza)  

Your Weekly Dose Show #155 opens up with Holly Wood Ya by Enuff Z'nuff on honor of the Oscars. First thing is we catch up with Zach talking about meeting up with voice actor Quinton Flynn, Amber talks about hanging out with our friend Tina Anderson, Steve talks about he and Sean hanging out with friend Kat Ellis watching Missing Persons at the Coach House and then going to Disneyland to see the new Star Wars ride The Rise of Resistance. Then the gang welcomes back friend of the program Director/Screenwriter Staci Layne Wilson - she discusses her new film The Ventures (Stars on Guitars) - a documentary about the band The Ventures. It so happens that her father Don Wilson is the last surviving member of the band. Then the gang talks to Milton Babbet about the Iowa Caucas. Then then gang talks about the passing of Kirk Douglas and Orson Bean, The Super Bowl, National Pizza Day and of course the Oscars. Then we get the Tinsel Town Spotlight! 

LINKS: Enuff Z'nuff Music 











Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 154 (I'm Only 3 Years Old )  

Your Weekly Dose Show #154 is our Anniversary Show! Today's theme is Having A Party by the great Sam Cooke. It's been 3 years that we have been on the air and today we celebrate our show with our friends. We get to talk to our friend & Spiritual Guide Tina Anderson and her reading of Zach. Plus we talk to our friends and beer makers Listeners Mike & Kay. We also discuss the loss of Kobe Bryant and the others who lost their lives but also losing TV Executive Fred Silverman and Bob Shane the last member of the Kingston Trio. Then we talk about our last 3 years and some of our favorite Moments.

LINKS: Sam Cooke Music













Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 153 (Leapin' Lizards - It's The Leapin' Lizards!))  

We open Your Weekly Dose Show #153 with Spin Me by Aileen Quinn & The Leapin' Lizards. Who happen to be our guest on today's show! But first we catch up with the gang and talk about their experience at the NAMM Show. Zach couldn't find parking, Steve had knee problems and Sean well he had to work it. But everyone has stories about NAMM - especially Amber & Sean.  Then we get right to our guests - Actress Aileen Quinn and her songwriting partner Tom Murray.  We talk about Aileen's career as a an actress and her big role as Annie in the 1982 film version - plus how her and Tom got together and formed the Rockabilly band The Leapin' Lizards. 

LINKS:  The Leapin' Lizards









Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 152 (Touring On A Shoestring Budget)  

Your Weekly Dose Show #152 opens with Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn in honor of Elvis' 85 Birthday. We first start off with Steve talking about Star Wars, Amber scares her son, Sean & Zach talk about Karen Volpes FUNeral. Then we talk with our guest award winning singer/songwriter Bobbo Byrnes. We discuss his songwriting style, how he tours on a shoestring budget and the differences on touring Europe and the U.S.  Next the gang talks about Elvis' 85 birthday and what their favorite Elvis song is. Then they talk about the passing of Neil Peart of Rush. Next the gang offers up not one but TWO Pocket Size Cinema's 

LINKS:  Marc Cohn    Bobbo Byrnes









Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 151 (Welcome To 2020)  

We open Your Weekly Dose Show #151 by having Barbara Walters and others say that famous phrase. Today's theme is Bringing In A Brand New Year by Charles Brown from the soundtrack New Years Eve. First thing we do to start off the New Year is talk to our spiritual advisor Tina Anderson. Then Amber talks about her NYE with her friends in Pasadena. Sean, Steve and Producer Zach talk about the poker party at Sean's house. Then we discuss the first two celebrities who've passed in 2020 Yankee hero Don Larson and Jazz musician Jack Sheldon.  Next we play Keith Urban's Tribute to those musicians we lost in 2019.  Then the gang reflects on 2019, Top Resolutions, Most Broken Resolutions and how we can keep our Resolutions.

LINKS:   NYE Soundtrack       Don Larson        Keith Urban Tribute






Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 150 (Tribute to Karen Volpe)  

Your Weekly Dose Show #150 is a special show and extra long. It opens with theme from Ghostbusters because today we pay tribute to our friend Karen Volpe who recently passed away from pancreatic cancer on the morning of Christmas Eve. She is also the wife of our very own Paul Preston from The Movie Guys. We talk about how strong Karen was, why Ghostbusters was so important to her, her talent as a comedian, musician, actor, singer and so much more. We thank Paul Preston for coming in during the tough time talking about his awesome wife and sharing some wonderful stories. We then replay the time when in April of this year Karen came in to talk about her awesome career. Rest In Peace our sweet friend. You WILL be truly missed.

LINKS:   Ray Parker Jr.     Karen Sings Journey    The Boobe Sisters   Karen's YouTube Channel






Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 149 (2019 Christmas Show)  

Here we are with Your Weekly Dose show #149. Today's theme is Mary Did You Know by Pentatonix. First thing we do have Amber shows off her jumper of Batman that's a boys size 12.  Next is a Mark and Brian past moment when Elvis relearns on how to do his famous Christmas Greeting. Zach gives is quick review of Star Wars. Amber tells how excited she is on giving her presents to the gang. Steve talks about going to Ca. Adventure and drinking wine. Sean recaps his family Christmas party. Next the gang creates holiday messages for your voice mail. Next everyone gives their favorite Christmas songs and then they play the worst Christmas song EVER! Then YWD Replays Mark and Brian's version of A Christmas Carol from 1997 Starring Kevin Pollack, Mark Hamill, Jenna Elfman, Jim J. Bullock, Jill Whelan, Jess Harnell, Mark and Brian Family Members and of course Mark & Brian. Then the gang get a breaking news from Washington DC in regards to the impeachment of President Trump.

LINKS:   Pentatonix     Andy Williams    Bob Hope   Grinch Soundtrack    The Polar Express Soundtrack










Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 148 (Tonight Only Frankincense and Myrrh)  

We open Your Weekly Dose show #148 with The Christmas Song by the great Nat King Cole. We first present a Mark and Brian past moment - The Barking Seals. Zach talks about neighbors pipe leaking into his kitchen & running into a raccoon, Amber talks about girlfriend healing from back surgery, Steve talks about going to see the Los Alamitos Choir, Sean tell drama that happened at the choir show. Then Sean & Steve present a new sponsor. Then the gang offers up The Polar Express read by Chuck Mozhantz. Next the gang talks about the top Christmas movies of all time. Next Historical Inaccuracies take you to the First Christmas. Last the gang offers us the read of Twas The Night Before Christmas by some of Hollywood's greatest actors.

LINK: Nat King Cole



















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