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Your Weekly Dose brings you fresh talk while paying homage to the Radio Hall of Fame Nominee's Mark & Brian.  Hosted by former M&B listeners - Sean Roberts,  Steve Silva and Dawnee B,  along with Producer Zach and their Gal About Town, Grace - they quip on current events, interview a wide range of guests, throw in comedy sketches and perform regular features that'll leave you in stitches. Plus you get help from spiritual coach Tina Anderson  and what movies to see from Paul Preston of The Movie Guys. They'll also take your questions via Phone, Twitter and Facebook not to mention your chance to play the hilariously challenging trivia game "Quiz me, Quiz You."  Take Your Weekly Dose live every Saturday morning at 10am or listen to past show by subscribing to them here or via iTunes, Podbean and Stitcher. 

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Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 122 (It's All About The Papa !)  

We open the show with Who's Your Daddy by Mook N Fair for Father's Day. First thing we do is give you a M&B Father's Day PSA and then give you a Debbie The Volleyball Player past moment. Next Steve reads an email from listener Dawn in Havasu. Next we all catch up with one one another. Zach talks about going back to school. Dawnee B tells us about her pole dancing classes. Sean has a quiet week and Steve asks the room why is the Ibuprofen locked up at Walmart.  Then the gang reads some Father's Day Tweets. Next we play a Budwiser Commercial for Father's Day, discuss the Traits of a Good Father, New Fathers Fears and Things You Will Never Hear Your Dad Say. We then offer up a Pocket Size Cinema 

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Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 121 (On We On The Air??)  

We open the show with You're My Best Friend by Queen for National Best Friend Day. Next we offer up a Mark & Brian Past Moment with Two Straight Guys.  Next we catch up with Steve who just ate edibles, Zach talks about his adventure with Sean going to see past YWD Guest Carlos Alazraqui perform at Flappers. Dawnee B talks about her upcoming Pole Dancing Class. Then Steve reads some listener emails. Next we talk about the passing of music legend Dr. John, How concerts make you happy and our favorite concert and the FBI releases the truth about Bigfoot. Then the gang gets a phone call from the YWD Stalker. Then we wrap it up with What's News!? and the game.

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Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 120 (Special Calls, Visits & More)  

We open with Barefoot Blue Jean Night by Jake Owen for National Bare Foot Day. We start off wishing Sean a Happy Birthday and right away Sean gets his first Birthday call from Intern Skyelar. Then we replay a M&B Past Moment - Marlon Brando's Birthday Call. Then Sean talks about his son Roman graduating from 8th grade and the awards he received. Steve talks about him taking Sean out for his Birthday and his friend Lori. Dawnee B talks about her trip to Arizona and Zach talks about his experience with edibles. Next we do Horoscopes with our favorite Spiritual Coach - Tina Anderson. Tina reads Dawnee B's numbers. Then we get a call from our former Co-Host Phoebe Kim. Then the room gets a special guest - SwitchBoarder Laura Stringer joins us and gives Sean a few special presents. Then Sean gets another birthday call from Listener Frances.Then the gang takes Sean back to his birth year and gives the best songs of 1970. Then we get a call from Milton Babbit to give us some more movie reviews.

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Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 119 (Two Lovely Ladies)  

We open with Only in America by Brooks and Dunn in honor of Memorial Day. Next we meet our news family member. Co host Dawnee B. Then we get our monthly phone call of what movies to see this coming June by Paul Preston from The Movie Guys. Then we get to talk to our special guest - Producer of the Mark & Brian Radio Program - Rosemary Jimenez! We talk about her childhood, how she got into radio, her first Job at KLOS and Producing with M&B. Rosemary also tell us what her favorite moments were as she produced the show.









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Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 118 (From Kids Play to CosPlay )  

We open the show with American Steel by Syrius South in Honor of Armed Forces Day. First the guys play a M&B past moment - Debbie The Volleyball player wanting to take a Marine to the ball. Next we catch up with Steve and watching his anime - with Zach we talk about his birthday week and realizing he insulted our guest last week. Next the guy pay homage to the late Doris Day and comic legend Tim Conway. Then they get to talk to Sean's former Fullerton College classmate - actor Cress Williams. They talk about his time at Fullerton College, UCLA and his acting career from "Beverly Hills 90210" to his current role as Black Lighting on the CW's Super Hero show of the same title. 











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Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 117 (Celebrating Mothers & Zach)  

We open the show with Saint James by Avenge 7 Fold picked by the Birthday Boy - Producer Zach. But first we offer up a M&B Past Moment. Then Steve tells us about his trip to Utah to watch his daughter get her Doctorate Degree while Zach tells us his adventures at a strip joint for his birthday. Zach then gets a surprise call from one of his heros, voice actor/comedian Carlos Alazraqui. Then we take Zach back to the year he was born and let him know the best songs, Top movies, best TV shows of the year he was born.  Then we do some Mother's Day Tweets and of course, continue the M&B Tradition - IOU by Jimmy Dean and then we play the game with Rusty, Producer Zach's father.

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Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 116 (Then The Power Went Out)  

We open the show with The Saga Begins by Weird Al Yankovic in honor of Star Wars days. We first get a visit from Dale from Pearson Winery and gives us information about how they make wine with NO GRAPES! Then we give you the first M&B Bit since 2012 Then we get a visit from our Spiritual Coach Tina Anderson to help us with our Horoscopes. We then get a visit from Isabella from Inglorious Funnels. She tells us how she and her husband quit their jobs to start their own business. Then we talk about The Kentucky Derby, Star Wars Days, the passing of Peter Mayhew, Cinco De Mayo and we wish Brian Phelps a Happy 60th Birthday! Then we offer up a Pocket Size Cinema. Then the power goes out while we do the Game !!

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Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 115 (My Parent Made Me Do It)  

We open with Victory Song by Colorvine in honor of our guest. Today it's only Producer Zach & Sean. The guys first talk about current Marvel and DC movies until friend of the program Paul Preston of The Movie Guys joins the conversation. Without spoilers Paul talks about Endgame and few others coming out in May that we may want to see. Then we welcome singer/songwriter/guitarist Larry Saltis of the band Colorvine and The New Monkees. Larry talks about his roots, songwriting style and feature of he band.

LINKS:  Colorvine        Victory Song video by Colorvine        New Monkees Feat Larry 












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Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 114 (No Barry Sang With Me)  

We open the show with Got To Get You Into My Life by The Beatles for 420 Day. ( yes that songs is about pot) We start off right away with a past Mark & Brian moment in honor of Tiger Woods winning the Masters.  Steve gives us an update on his hearing and he might be getting hearing aides, Zach tells us about the movie US and his sunburn, Sean tells us about his talk with New Monkee Larry Saltis and his upcoming album. Next the guys reveal the passing of guitarist J Geils and actress Georgia Engel. Because since it's 420 Day Sean & Steve give us some Cannabis Facts. Then we talk with the lovely singer/actress Pamela Holt. She tells us her side of the story about performing with Barry Manilow, David Coverdale and our own Brian Phelps.

LINKS: The Beatles   Pamela Holt    Pamela on IMDB














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Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 113 (4 Calls In One Day)  

We open the show today with Put Your Records On by Corinne Bailey Rae for National Record Day.  Today was a different show - we did things a little out of order and the norm. First we also announced the Mark & Brian Reunion on April 25th on KLOS from 3-5pm and celebrated it with a M&B Past Moment of them helping out  Listener Matt become a DJ.  We also lead off with doing our Horoscopes along with reader Tina Anderson. Next we catch up with comedian Jonny Loquasto.  Then Producer Zach calls in to tell us about bees in his house. Then finally the gang Catches Up with each other. Steve talks about going to Utah to see his daughter walk to get her Doctors Degree. Sean talks about an embarrassing moment at Sea World. Genesis talks about attending the Boysenberry Festival at Knott's. Then we talk to our friend Jeff "Swampy" Marsh (co-creator of Phineas & Ferb and Milo Murphy's Law) about the AWOW event in Malibu on April 20th plus Swampy plays the game with us!

LINKS: Corrine Bailey Rae music   Tina Anderson   Jonny Loquasto    A Walk On Water
















Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 112 (I'm Just A Funny Girl)  

We start the show today with Walking Through the Park by Muddy Waters to celebrate National Walk Through a Park Day. First thing we do is talk with Switchboarder Laura and find out what is next on getting Mark & Brian into the Radio Hall of Fame. Steve tells us about his 3d scan - Zach tells us about how he cut his thumb at work (Sean gets grossed out). Then in the room we have Paul Preston from The Movie Guys talk to us about what he's seen and what movies to see this April. Sean then reads an ad from a bass player trying to get hired. Next the guys give you the Top 9 Things you can say about your business but not your wife. Finally we get to our guest  actress/musician/singer/songwriter Karen Volpe - we talk about her beginings with her family in New York to her journey to Los Angeles and how she started her monthly shows. 

LINKS:  Muddy Waters Music    Karen Volpe Music  The Movie Guys











Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 111 (Ringing In Spring With Sex and Cleaning)  

We  open with Puppy Love by Donny Osmond for National Puppy Day. First thing we do is play swichboarder Laura video on how to vote Mark & Brian into the Radio Hall of Fame. Sean talks about visiting friend Christian James Hand and listening to him breakdown two Queen songs. Zach talks about the new film about Motley Crue - The Dirt and Captain Marvel. Genesis talks about her family visiting and her uncle running in the LA Marathon. Steve then reads some listener emails. The gang then talks about our National Days, The passing of Dick Dale, So Cal Legend Tom Patton and guitarist Bernie Torme. Next They give tips on Spring Cleaning and tell you why Sex is better in Spring. We then get a visit from Mother Nature who give us Spring Facts. Lastly we hear from our March Madness Expert. 

LINKS: Donny Osmond Music   The Session On Air  M&B Voting Instructions   








Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 110 (Let The Green Beer Flow)  

We open the show with our thoughts and prays to those who have been affected by the shooting in New Zealand. Then we jump right into two theme songs for  St. Patrick's Day Another Irish Drinking Song by Da Vinchi's Notebook and Alan Jackson's Designated Drinker. Zach tell us about his trip to Dever, Steve informs us more about his doc visits and Sean talks about his son's performance and visiting a friend in the hospital. Next we introduce our friends Deb & Neal Gerber and help Deb celebrate her birthday.  Then we let the drinking begin while talking about the passing of legend drummer Hal Blain. We then get to know our guests by playing the Island game, Shamus the Leprehaun,  hangover remedies plus we offer up a Pocket Size Cinema and What's NEWS!?

LINKS: DA VINCHI'S Music   Alan Jackson music   Get M&B into Radio Hall of Fame










Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 109 (You Blew It )  

We open the show with Get Over it by The Eagles for National Get Over It Day. Then Asst Genesis tells us about her trip to Arizona to see the Angles, Zach talks about his upcoming trip,  Steve finally get a prescription. Next the gang talks about the passing of actors Jan Michael Vincent and the awesome Luke Perry. We play a story about Luke that Collin Hanks wrote and read my Mark Thompson.  Next we interview actor/director and not a musician but is a New Monkee Dino Kovas. We talk about his experience being a New Monkee and the audition he went through plus the transition from actor to director. Lastly we play the tribute that Mark Thompson did for Luke Perry - so enjoy!

LINKS:  The Eagles Music   New Monkees Pilot   New Monkees Theme (Turn It Up)









Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 108 (Hack A Lung Cassidy)  

We open with The Old Stuff by Garth Brooks since it's National Old Stuff Day. Which means we celebrate Steve. Sean talks about cancelling his Oscar Party since he got sick. Steve informs us of his new young doctor and Zach tells us about his co-worker having his 2nd child. Next Steve reads some listener emails. The guys talk about the the Oscar winners, the passing of actresses Beverly Owens & Katherine Helmond plus Luke Perry's stroke and Michael J Fox's new health scare. Sean informs us about the Masked Singer. Next we do Horoscopes and what our fave cereal was growing up.


LINKS: Garth Brooks Music
















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