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Your Weekly Dose brings you fresh talk while paying homage to the Radio Hall of Fame Nominee's Mark & Brian.  Hosted by former M&B listeners - Sean Roberts,  Steve Silva along with Amber Ash-McCary and Producer Zach  - they quip on current events, interview a wide range of guests, throw in comedy sketches and perform regular features that'll leave you in stitches. Plus you get help from spiritual coach Tina Anderson  and what movies to see from Paul Preston of The Movie Guys. They'll also take your questions via phone, Twitter and Facebook, not to mention your chance to play the hilariously challenging trivia game "Quiz me, Quiz You."  Take Your Weekly Dose live every Saturday morning at 10am or listen to past show by subscribing to them here or via iTunes, Podbean and Stitcher. 

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Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 176 (Happy Birthday To Our Country)  

Your Weekly Dose Show #176 starts off with Our Country by John Mellencamp. We start off when the great Carl Reiner was on M&B and called Mel Brooks. Then we talk with our Spiritual Guide  Tina Anderson to talk Horoscopes.  Sean gives us some news on people cheating death with Covid19. Then we hear from the Patriotic Comedian, a tribute to Carl Reiner, What Non- American's say about us, Amber offers us different way to celebrate the 4th - Did you do any of them? and part two of the soap opera The Neanderthals.

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Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 175 (Amber Knows Dishwashers)  

Your Weekly Dose Show #175 opens with Seals & Croft's Summer Breeze by ShawBlades in honor of SummerGiving - It's Thanksgiving but in the summer time! Yeah we don't get it either - We start off with Steve talking about a new part his visited, Amber goes to a restaurant for the first time, Sean talks about buying new TV at Best Buy his mom's birthday and Zach talks about his new class and BBQ at his house with the gang and friend Quinton Flynn. Next the gang talks to Paul Preston of The Movie Guys. Sean gives a few Lockdown Pick Me Ups. Then we get informed on Redneck Medical Terms, Give Top 15 Dwayne Johnson Movies, How to load a dishwasher properly - then Steve informs us how to grill anything for the summer. Finally we offer up a new soap opera. 

LINKS:  Seals & Croft Music  ShawBlades Music









Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 174 (Look Who She Brought)  

Your Weekly Dose Show #174 starts off with Song for Dad by Keith Urban. Then the gang kicks of their Father's Day Celebration with their own tradition of playing the M&B Father's Day PSA. Amber tells you what Father's really want. Steve tells us things we can do to for dad. Sean reveals why some men have dogs and not wives. Then the gang offers up a Pocket Size Cinema. Then we get to interview the awesome Kelli Gates. We discuss Kelli's career from Kentucky to how she ended up to KLOS. Then the interview gets interrupted by fellow M&B Family Member Tito Benavides. WOW What a surprise!!!!

LINKS:  Keith Urban Music









Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 173 (Monkeeing Around With Marc Bonilla)  

Your Weekly Dose Show #173 opens up with Garden of Eden by John Cafferty and The Beaver Brown Band in honor of National Weed The Garden Day. Sean talks about him and his son going to Collectors store Frank and Sons. Steve talk about his local mom & pop market. Amber talks about the kids and Zach talks about his philosophy class. Then Amber takes on Listener Denise. Steve reads other listener emails then we have fun with our friend musician Marc Bonilla. We discuss the list of Worst to Best of The Monkees Albums Ranked by Ultimate Classic Rock dot com. Marc Bonilla who is also a big Monkees fan himself talks with us to see if he as a fan agrees with the list and if The Monkees belong in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

LINKS:  John Cafferty Music        The Monkees Music











Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 172 (What A Week It's Been)  

We open Your Weekly Dose Show #172 with Sunglasses at Night by Cory Hart in honor of National Eyewear Day.  First thing we have is we play Producer Zach's demo reel for his Animation  auditions - such a great job. Then we talk with our fave Tina Anderson and she helps us find our happy place based on our Sign. Sean gives you some Lockdown Pick Me Ups. The gang talks about the past weeks protests - Did you see the Strawberry Moon? Steve give us Moonshine Facts for Nat Moonshine Day. Then we offer up Things That Make You Go Hmm and a Pocket Size Cinema

LINKS:  Cory Hart Music    Frank Sinatra Music     Waylon Jennings Music









Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 171 (It's The 5-0 and We're Not Talking Hawaii))  

Your Weekly Dose #171 opens up with We Got It Going On by Bon Jovi. Boy do we have it going on today. Listen in as we celebrate our leader Sean Roberts's 50th birthday! Sean get's calls from a wide range of friends and family. First he talks to our first co-host Vee Schnieder, then our own Movie Guys Paul Preston tests Sean's memory, next Sean gets birthday wishes from M&B's Brian Phelps himself and Laura (make sure you vote) Stringer. Brian even plays the game with us. Then Leader of the M&B 25 Yr FB Page Dann Novak does his best Todd Donaho impression. Next family members call in and we do a poorly ZOOM party singing Sean a Happy Birthday and finally a call from Quiton Flynn & message from Larry Saltis. 

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Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 170 (A Memorable Magical Day)  

Your Weekly Dose show #170 opens with Do You Believe In Magic by The Lovin Spoonful in honor of our guest. First thing we do is let you know that we have until May 29th to get Mark & Brian into the Radio Hall of Fame - the we talk about the men & women in our families who have served in the military.  Then we pay tribute to the late Fred Willard and Steve tells us about working with him. Next we talk with a wonderful and amazing magician Mr. Franz Harary !  We talk about his beginnings in Michigan, his time with Michael Jackson as well as other artists, his philosophy on magic but most importantly - his time with Mark and Brian and working with them on their tv show. 

LINKS:  The Lovin Spoonful Music      Franz Harary Website     Franz on Facebook       

              Franz Interview with Chipper Lowe








Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 169 (I'm Surrounded By ExCons)  

Your Weekly Dose show #169 begins with Knock on Wood by Wilson Pickett for National Love A Tree Day. Right away we talk about getting Mark & Brian into the Radio Hall of Fame (Round Two)  - then we give a great M&B Past Moment. Then every one admits to Sean that they have been arrested. Amber tells us about the 6.5 Earthquake in Nevada. Sean give us some Lockdown Pick Me Ups. We then celebrate the life of comedic actor Jerry Stiller, Give you some Sea Monkey Trivia and tell you the top BioPics of All Time.

LINKS: Wilson PIckett Music     Monkees Music









Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 168 (Celebrating Moms & The Twinke Couple) )  

We open Your Weekly Dose Show #168 with Mama Said by the Shirelles in honor of Mother's Day. We first start off with talking to our Horoscope & Spiritual guide Tina Anderson. Then we give you Lock Down Pick Me ups, pass on the news of the passing of magician Roy Horn - singer Brian Howe of Bad Company and the great Little Richard. Then we begin our Tribute to moms with Tweets & Momisms. Plus we continue the M&B Tradition of playing Jimmy Dean's IOU. Then we begin to celebrate Zach's birthday and tell him who we almost got on the phone with us. Then turn around and celebrate Amber's birthday by finding out she was not born on Mother's Day in 1979. 

LINKS:  The Shirelles Music  Bad Company  &  Brian Howe's Music   Little Richard    Slipknot's Music    








Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 167 (I Bet You Twenty Bucks)  

We open Your Weekly Dose Show #167 with Mas Tequila by Sammy Hagar in honor of Cinco De Mayo. First Amber gives us the good news that her Covid19 Test came back negative, Steve sees another modern musical, Zach almost doesn't pay Sean's son $20 and Sean talks about working on his train layout. Then the gang gives you some Mexican Words of the Day, the history of guacamole and the two best recipes, who the top bombshells are of all time, the most expensive Star Wars toys ever and a new sponsor.

LINKS: Sammy Hagar Music    Van Halen Music   Greta Van Fleet Music









Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 166 (Breaking News ???)  

Your Weekly Dose #166 opens with Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy by Big & Rich for National Help A Horse Day. We open when we ask if we felt So Cal's most recent earthquake - the answer is no. None of us felt it. So we talk to Paul Preston from the movie guys and then Listeners Mike & Kay to inform us 3 great beers to enjoy with a Pretzel on National Pretzel Day. Then we do Lockdown Pick Me Ups, celebrate East Meets West Day with a M&B Past Moment. Then we offer up Quarintine Pick Up Lines and the biggest First Date turnoffs from both guys & gals - finally Steve sings a parody that he wrote while having some edibles.

LINKS: Big & Rich Music 









Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 165 (We Are Now On The East Coast)  

Your Weekly Dose Show #165 opens with My Big Ten Inch Record by Aerosmith for National Record Store Day. This is a special show since this is our debut show on Delmarva Talk Radio! Thank you to them and picking us to be on their network. We do our 2nd episode of Lockdown Pick Me Up. Then the gang offers up some Haiku Poetry, paying tribute to Brian Dennehey, Best drinks with Amaretto, 50 Years since The Beatles & The Monkees broke up and celebrate 8 track day! Then we finally offer up a Pocket Size Cinema.

LINKS:  Aerosmith music     The Beatles music     The Monkees Music










Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 164 (New Segment & Big News)  

Your Weekly Dose show  #164 starts off with Fever by Peggy Lee. First the gang  has a wonderful announcement that the show will now be syndicated with Delmarva Talk Radio on the East Coast. Steve talks about his busy week, Amber talks about bienge watching & voice over auditions, Sean talks about his model trains and Zach complains AGAIN!. Next YWD brings a new Segment to talk about the good things going on during the corona virus. Then the gang celebrates National Submarine Day with Top 10 submarine movies and give you the best way to make a grilled cheese. Plus we give you Things That Make You Think - finally we play the game with listeners Mike & Kay - wishing Mike a wonderful birthday.

LINKS: Peggy Lee Music     Beatles Music    









Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 163 (Birthday Surprise)  

We start Your Weekly Dose Show #163 with a funny Covid19 song telling everyone to stay home. Then we kick it off with Walking On Sunshine by Katrina and the Waves. We first talk to our friend Paul Preston from The Movie Guys and helps us decide what streaming system gives us the most bang for our buck. Then we get a reading from our friend & spiritual guide Tina Anderson who give's Karen a reading. Who's Karen you ask? Well Karen is Sean's wife and April 4th is her birthday. So with everyone staying in YWD decided to give Karen a birthday show and to say thank you for all the wonderful things she does behind the scenes! So join us as friends call in to wish her a wonderful birthday and we learn a bit about Karen herself. 

LINKS: Katrina & The Waves Music    The Movie Guys    Tina Anderson 




Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 162 (Its All About That Weed)  

We start of Your Weekly Dose show # 162 with One by Three Dog Night as we continue with isolation during the pandemic. We first catch up on how each member of YWD is staying safe and what home projects they are doing. Then the gang talks about the pass of basketball legend Fred "Curly" Neal of The Harlem Globetrotters, your chance to co-write a song with Jon Bon Jovi, how 80's teen singer Tiffany is doing her own challenge. Then we discuss the Top Best/Worst Things to Eat On A Stick, Weeds that you can use medicinally that you'll find in your backyard. Then we call Dr. Jim Sears for National Doctors Day. 

LINKS: 3 Dog Night Music     Co-Wite w/ Jon Bon Jovi     Curly Neal     Dr. Jim Sears








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