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Your Weekly Dose brings you fresh talk while paying homage to LA's famed Mark & Brian Show, The Brian & Jill Show and the Mark in the Morning show.   Hosted by 3 former M&B listeners - Sean Roberts,  Steve Silva and Pheobe Lim and along with Producer Zach and their Gal About Town, Grace - they quip on current events, interview a wide range of guests, throw in comedy sketches and perform regular features that'll leave you in stitches. They'll also take your questions via Phone, Twitter and Facebook not to mention your chance to play the hilariously challenging trivia game "Quiz me, Quiz You."  Take Your Weekly Dose live every Saturday morning at 10am or listen to past show by subscribing to them here or via iTunes, Podbean and Stitcher. 

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Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 105 (Naughty For Valentine's??)  

We open with I Think I Love You by The Partridge Family. Great Theme song as we celebrate Valentine's Day. Today we talk about the great Albert Finney's passing. Next we discuss our favorite pizza for national pizza day. We then talk about the most popular gifts to give on Valentine's Day, the best songs to have sex to, common sexual fantasies between men & women and the worst pick up lines. Plus we also give you a Pocket Size Cinema.

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Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 104 (Two Years On & Goodbye to Phoebe)  

We open the show with Life Rolls On by Little Big Town in celebration of our two year anniversary.  Today not only do we celebrate being on the air for two years but we also say goodbye to our co-host Phoebe Lim. We take a phone call from our former intern Skyelar and catch up with her radio show and schooling plus trying to stay warm. We get phone messages from Matthew McConauhey, Trump, Homer Simpson, David Letterman & Paul Shaffer and Arnold Swartz thanks to our friend voice impersonator Eric Harthen. Next Phoebe talks to us about her wedding and honeymoon. Then the guys give her some advice pn how to be a good wife from 1955. Next the gang talks about Super Bowl food, gives Super Bowl Facts and then reads Worst Super Bowl Party Tweets.  

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Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show #103 (See We Can Be Funny)  

We open with Popcorn by James Brown thanks to National Popcorn Day.  Steve spent his week eating edibles. Asst Genesis talks about a really cool movie theater she went to. Zach talks about the passing of his Aunt in New York. Sean talks about filling in as karaoke host for a friend of his. The gang then talks about the passing of Broadway Great Carol Channing. Next Steve reads some emails from you guys, our listeners. Next we play a Michael Nezmith medley of the Monkees songs that he wrote. We then discuss how we like to eat popcorn  & Asst Genesis then gives us some popcorn facts. Sean then asks if we would like our ashes when we pass pressed into a vinyl record, then shares the happiest countries in the world. Then the gang offers up a Pocket Size Cinema, What's News?! and the Game.

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Your Weekly Dose Podcast -Show 102 (This Ain't No Monkee Business)  

We open the show with I Want A New Drug by Huey Lewis & The News in honor of National Pharmacists Day. All the girls are out so it's just Sean, Steve and Producer Zach. We replay a M&B Fabio bit where Fabio creates a fertilizer. Then the guys catch up with one another - Steve is still battling his allergies. Then there is a little bit wine and Kurt Russell  talk. Sean is getting ready for NAMM for his work. Zach talks about seeing the movie Bird Box. Next the guys give you some Funny Tweets on New Years Resolution. Then the guys talk briefly about dating Red Heads since it's National Kiss A Ginger Day. Then the guys talk to the man of the hour - Mr. Michael Nesmith. This was a wonderful interview where Mike shares stories about his mother, his recent heart surgery, his relationship with pedal steel guitarist Red Rhodes, his classic album And The Hist Just Keep On Comin' and his upcoming shows recreating the album, plus a little bit of talk about his time with The Monkees.

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Your Weekly Dose Podcast -Show 101 (First Show of 2019 )  

For our first show of 2019 we open with Let It Whip by Dazz Band for National Whipped Cream Day. Then we all chip in what we did for NYE (most of us stayed home) Then we talk about the passing of Daryl Dragon, Ray Sawyer  of Dr. Hook and Super Dave Osborne actor Bob Einstein. Next we read our horoscopes for the month and then Steve tries to cancel his Sirius Radio Subscription.  Next we talk about a possible Van Halen tour for this year, New Years Resolutions and why they fail - then wrap it up with the game. 

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Your Weekly Dose Podcast -Show 100 (Our 100th Show)  

We open with I Just Want To Celebrate by Rare Earth  - Today is a special day since this is our 100th episode. We all talk about how our Christmas was with our families. Steve the reads what other show achieved 100 episodes. We then get a visit from our friend Paul Preston of the Movie Guys to let us know what to see for the New Year. Then we get a visit from Barry & Amy from the Craig Barry Experience Radio Show. Next we do a few replays of past moments,Thank all of our guests that we have had so far and the we all play the game.

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Your Weekly Dose Podcast -Show 099 (2018 Christmas Show )  

We open with The Christmas Song by the great Mel Torme. Right away we play a great M&B Past Moment when Elvis has to relearn how to do his famous Christmas Greeting. Then we play Pamela Holt's new song The Man With The Bag. Cool thing is when you purchase the song 100% of the profits goes to help those affected by the recent So Cal fires. Next we  find out Intern Brittani is a college graduate, Sean talks about his family Christmas Party, Zach hates shopping and gets the LOOK from Sean's Wife and Genesis exchanged gifts with friends early.  Next we pay tribute to the great Penny Marshall, replay M&B's Twas the Night Before Christmas and then we wrap it up with Producer's Ted favorite - Replay of It's A Wonderful Life. 

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Your Weekly Dose Podcast -Show 098 (Christmas Voices In My Head )  

We open with Wonderful Life by The Tories. We then re-play a M&B bit about George Michaels. Next Sean talks about his son's video, Genesis talks about her new job, Brittani is getting ready for finals and her adult life, Zach talks about his job. Next Sean & Genesis read Funny Tweets about putting up Christmas trees. Next we all share songs that say Christmas to us, talk about the Top Christmas toys of all time. Then we get a visit from Rodney the Brown Nose Reindeer and then to tribute Brian's mom we re-play Zelma Phelps reading Twas The Night Before Christmas! 

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Your Weekly Dose Podcast -Show 097 (The Return of King Moonracer )  

We open with Barry Manilow & Listener Pamela Holt singing the now controversial song Baby It's Cold Outside. We then share a great heart warming M&B moment from one of their Day Before Thanksgiving Parades. We wish Mark a wonderful birthday and send our condolences after losing his brother in law. Steve & Sean talk about Phoebe's wedding, Zach see's Wreck It Ralph II, Brittani talks about her San Diego trip and Genesis tho she had a back week still feels lucky. Next we talk about breaking up during the holiday's as well as getting some good sex in as well. Finally we play Silver Bells performed by Steve Martin & Paul Simon, then the return of King Moonracer and lastly we play The Polar Express read by our friend Chuck Moshontz. 

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Your Weekly Dose Podcast -Show 096 (The Holiday's Have Officially Begun )  

We open with a live performance of Marc Bonilla performing the Nut Rocker. We start off with playing a classic M&B bit Elfis - From their Little Drummer Boys CD. Steve talks about his friend Deb, Sean mentions the Young American's & Hollywood Scavenger Hunt, Zach talks about going into Hot Topics and Genesis says how good of a year 2018 has been so far fo her. Next we talk about the passing of Steven Hillenburg & Pres. Bush. We then pass on Best Buy doorbusters. Finally we drop the Yule log and offer up the Elvis Christmas greeting.

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Your Weekly Dose Podcast -Show 095 (Let The Shopping Deals Begin )  

We open with Gonna Buy Me A Condo by Weird Al Yankovic in honor of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  Right away we start off with our friend Paul Preston from The Movie Guys letting us know what movies to see this holiday season. Then we get a call from Genesis who is in TJ. Then we find out Chuck Moshontz is back on the air in L.A. !! Next Steve and Sean give us Funny Tweets for Thanksgiving & Black Friday as well as reading the best Cyber Monday deals. We also recap JFK's death and wrap it up with What's News!

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Your Weekly Dose Podcast -Show 094 (Gobble Till You Wobble )  

We open with Thank You For Being A Friend by Andrew Gold. Sean gives us a little bit of history on the song and songwriter. Next Steve does a spit take when Genesis doesn't remember her line. In honor of Thanksgiving we dig into the M&B Archives and play Alon talking about Thanksgiving at Aunt Sophie's house.  We then discuss the passing of Stan Lee, Roy Clark and William Goldman. We catch up with everyone and then because of Thanksgiving we play The West Wing calling Butterball, then call people with Thanksgiving names, discuss our own holiday traditions and then get a call from Bob The Turkey.

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Your Weekly Dose Podcast -Show 093 (There's A Wig On My Monkee)  

We open with Forget Me Not by Patrice Rushen for National Forget Me Not Day (Whatever that means) - Then we play the Dan Quale Bit from the M&B Archives in honor of the past elections. Next we talk about the shooting & fires going on here in So Cal. Catch up with Steve's post B-day celebration as well as Brittani & Genesis and Sean's big screw up last week after the show. Then we talk with singer/songwriter Marty Ross about his childhood, career as a musician, why he's performing more shows  and his upcoming album. 

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Your Weekly Dose Podcast -Show 092 (Steve's Birthday Show)  

We open with a few commercials from 1949 and Maggie May by Rod Stewart in celebration of the birthday boy!  As the festivities begin in celebrating Steve's 69th Birthday - Intern Brittani tells us about getting the flu shot while Producer Zach informs us about an overflowing toilet. We all share our Halloween stories, then co-host Phoebe calls in! Next it's Horoscopes with a surprise caller Steve's daughter Brandy Shelly with grandkids Megan, Nathan, Allison and ex mother in law Bonnie. We then get a call from Steve's younger daughter Darian and her family call in. Then we take Steve on a trip down memory lane via music, movies and cost of living from 1949 to 1967 to 1991. 

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Your Weekly Dose Podcast -Show 091 (It's Halloween Time)  

We open the show with Black Cat by Janet Jason to honor National Black Cat day and hey, it's Halloween!!  We thank Brian Phelps for coming on our show and thank all of you for listening. Plus we find out that Mark Thompson was trying to call in to talk to Brian. We talk to Paul Preston from The Movie Guys to let us know what movies to watch in November. We read Listener Emails about Brian's interview with us. We reveal Halloween costumes for 2018 and our favorite costumes we wore. Then Steve & Sean do some pumpkin bowling - check out the Facebook post here.

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