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Your Weekly Dose brings you fresh talk while paying homage to the Radio Hall of Fame Nominee's Mark & Brian.  Hosted by former M&B listeners - Sean Roberts,  Steve Silva along with Amber Ash-McCary and Producer Zach  - they quip on current events, interview a wide range of guests, throw in comedy sketches and perform regular features that'll leave you in stitches. Plus you get help from spiritual coach Tina Anderson  and what movies to see from Paul Preston of The Movie Guys. They'll also take your questions via phone, Twitter and Facebook, not to mention your chance to play the hilariously challenging trivia game "Quiz me, Quiz You."  Take Your Weekly Dose live every Saturday morning at 10am or listen to past show by subscribing to them here or via iTunes, Podbean and Stitcher. 

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Your Weekly Dose Podcasts Show 206 (What's Your Favorite Pet?)  

Your Weekly Dose Show # 206 opens with Marching To Mars by Sammy Hagar in honor of the newest Mars rover landing. We open the show with Zach talking about taking on a new job, Steve's high again with showtunes, Amber talks about her fall and Sean talks about an audition he did. Next we have Sports w/ Brad Young. Then the gang plays a round of Would You Rather, we get best beer to drink with Margarita's from Listener Mike, Low Maintenance Pets and the best pets we've ever had and finally we offer up a What's News?? 

LINKS:  Sammy Hagar Music




Your Weekly Dose Podcasts Show 205 (My Scary Valentine)  

Your Weekly Dose Show #205 is HERE! We open with Love Shack by The B52's in honor of Valentines Day. Amber talks about doing auditions & getting her hair done, Zach talks about a new class he's taking, Steve talks about trying to find a new gal in his life, Sean talks about auditioning for a new band and practicing drums for open mic. Next we get words of wisdom from Tina Anderson. Sean & Steve share a recording of the Valentine Comedian. Then the gang talks about the Top Sappiest Songs, Safest Sex Positions, How did you meet your spouse and Most Romantic Cities. Then we offer up a Pocket Size Cinema.

LINKS: The B52's Music






Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 204 (Four Years On The Air)  

Your Weekly Dose Show # 204 is our Anniversary Show. Today's Theme is Turn It Up by The New Monkees. We first send congrats our mentor Mark Thompson on finding out that he is a grandfather-to-be! Then Zach talks about his moldy special brownies, Steve talks about trying to get the Covid Vaccine, Sean talks about practicing drums and doing a new open mic. Next we talk to our new sports guy Brad Young and of course talk about the big game. The the guys give you Horoscopes, Mean Tom Brady Tweets and Top Best Halftime Show. Then the guy talk about doing the show for 4 years - the guests, friends they've made and fun times. Lastly we ask the Crystal Ball about the New Year.

LINKS: The New Monkees






Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 203 (5.4 Minutes - That's All Folks)  

Your Weekly Dose Show # 203 opens with Walk This Way by Aerosmith in honor of Cloris Lea chman. First thing is we talk with our friend Paul Preston about new movies to watch if you have Apple TV. Then we hear from Brandon Gordon and get some news from The Tinsel Town Spotlight. Then the gang discusses the passing of Cicely Tyson and Cloris Leachman. Then talk about how long sex should last. Next they give up some Bugs Bunny & Hot Chocolate facts and then give you some funny signs found on some yards.








Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 202 (You Call That A Show)  

Your Weekly Dose Show # 202 opens with Cherry Pie by Warrant for National Pie Day. Show starts off with everyone's week - then we talk sports. What teams will go to the Super Bowl? Then the gang offers up Things That Make You Think - Then they discuss the passing of Phil Spector, Hank Aaron, Gregory Sierra and Larry King. We then talk about our new president and 22 year old poet Amanda Gorman. Then it's peanut butter facts and does fake smiles lead to drinking? Then back handed compliments.

LINKS: Warrant music








Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 201 (One Time At Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp )  

Your Weekly Dose Show #201 starts off with Old Time Rock N Roll by Bob Seger in honor of our guest. But first Zach talks about his Tonsiles, Steve his anime and Sean about his trains. Then the guys give you the most adulterous states and Letters From Listeners. Then we talk to the man who put some great tours together and the founder of the Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp - Mr. David Fishof. What an awesome interview. So sit back and enjoy on this great MLK Day.

LINKS: Bob Seger Music




Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 200 (Happy New Year We've Hit 200)  

Your Weekly Dose show #200 - WOW! We open with Top of the World by Van Halen. Well that's how we feel Since this is our 200th Show! Our friend Tina Anderson tried to join us but we had phone issues. So we offered up some New Years Resolution Tweets. The our friend Paul Preston joins us. Next we talk about those we lost as the New Year starts and offer up the first Pocket Size Cinema for 2021. Next we introduce our newest family member Brand Young who will bring us sports news twice a month. We discuss how we got to 200 show and some of our fave memories then wrap it up with Beer Talk with Listeners Mike & Kay. 

LINKS: Van Halen music








Your Weekly Dose Past Moments (Kelli Gates & Tito)  

Happy New Year Everyone! We hope that all of you celebrated in a safe way. Today is another Past Moment, however we do open up with Roll With The Changes by REO Speedwagon. A Great song to start off 2021. In the meantime we are taking you back to June of 2020 when we got to interview Mark & Brian Family Member Kelli Gates and then we get a surprise when another M&B Fam member calls Kelli - Tito Benavides. 

LINKS:  REO Speedwagon Music



Your Weekly Dose Past Moments (Christmas 2020)  

Today we are doing a Past Moments - Today's theme is The First Noel by Kenny G. This helps put us in the mood as we sit back relax and enjoy Mark & Brian's A Christmas Carol starring Mel Brooks and Producer Ted's favorite It's A Wonderful Life.  Enjoy the program and we will see you when we come back January 9th. We hope that all of you had a wonderful holiday.




Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 199 (Christmas Show 2020)  

Your Weekly Dose Show #199 kicks off with That's Christmas To Me by Pentatonix. We all catch up with one another. Amber talks about the kids online learning & her Girls Night, Zach talks about going up in the plane to do traffic, Steve ... well you know Steve and Sean talks about working on his new train layout. Next we get Christmas advice from Puppet Steve and Replay of Twas The Night Before Christmas from the various Hollywood Legends. Then the gang talks about the passing of Chuck Yeager & Star Wars actor Jeremy Bulloch, the good things that happened to us in 2020, the worst Christmas song ever and a new song from comedian/ventriliquest Jeff Dunham. Lastly the gang gets a call from the Greeting Card Guy and we play The Polar Express read by Chuck Moshantz.

LINKS:  Pentatonix






Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 198 (Holiday Meteor Shower)  

YWD Show #198 Opens with John Lennon's Happy Christmas (War Is Over). We first talk about John Lennon's death 40 years ago and his impact on us all. We then talk to Tina Anderson for some holiday advice - then we speak with astronomy expert Professor Andrew Fraknoi about the weekend meteor shower, the moon and more. We then discuss our fave and least fave Christmas song. Lastly we offer up Steve Martin's & Paul Simon's Silver Bells  and our Holiday Home Messages.

LINKS: John Lennon Music







Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 197 (Cozy Covid Christmas)  

YWD Show # 197 opens with Cozy Covid Christmas by Justin Bowler. We open with the news of Brea Olida School District and how they will be electing their Treasure. Steve & Sean talk about Thanksgiving, Sean's new addition to the family. But first we talk with our friend Paul Preston of The Movie Guys on what to see this holiday season & award season Next we give you the Elvis Christmas greeting, A new perfume that just came out. The passing of Darth Vader actor David Prowse and actress Abby Dalton. The dropping of the Yule Log and we get the update on how Brea Olinda School District breaks a tie vote. then we talk with friend and songwriter for Cozy Covid Christmas, Justin Bowler

LINKS: Cozy Covid Christmas





Your Weekly Dose Past Moments (Thanksgiving & Tyler Hilton)  

Today's show is actually a Past Moments show featuring Mississippi Queen by Mountain as our Theme Song for National Mississippi Day. Today's show is Thanksgiving Past moments and an interview with singer/songwriter and actor Tyler Hilton.  We hope that all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families and were also being safe. Until Next Week.

LINKSMountain music

Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 196 (Stars On Guitars)  

Your Weekly Dose Show #196 opens with a medley done by The Ventures. Bur first Zach talks more about his new job at iHeart Radio, Steve talks about seeing Sean Not Perform and then going to see the Princess Bride in a Drive In format style and Sean talks about how much he is an idiot. Then the guys show what's wrong with Trumps attorneys and then they interview friend of the program Staci Layne Wilson. She recently made a documentary about her father guitarist Don Wilson and his band The Ventures. Lastly Sean shares a new version of the song I'm A Believer by Neil Diamond.

LINKS: The Venture Music     Staci Layne Wilson   






Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 195 (Visit From A Dear Friend)  

Your Weekly Dose show #195 opens with Back in Black by AC/DC in honor of today's guest. But first the guys catch up with one another. Zach continues to talk about his struggles with his math class, Steve talks about hanging out with Sean and seeing him play bass at an open mic, Sean finishes the open mic story and talks about his acoustic performance at a local bar. Next our new segment Not So Weekly Dose of Wisdom with our old friend Tina Anderson. Tina discusses about worrying and that we really don't need to. The guys then celebrate National Bundt Cake day and the new possible vaccine from Eli Lilly. Then the guys ask What is the most disgusting thing in your fridge & how do you enjoy a pickle. Lastly we get a visit from our dear friend and former co-host Victoria Schneider and we talk about her new career and her new podcast that every woman should listen to. 

LINKS:  AC/DC Music     Tina Anderson     Victoria Schneider Podcast 









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