Your Weekly Dose Podcast Show 122 (It's All About The Papa !) 

We open the show with Who's Your Daddy by Mook N Fair for Father's Day. First thing we do is give you a M&B Father's Day PSA and then give you a Debbie The Volleyball Player past moment. Next Steve reads an email from listener Dawn in Havasu. Next we all catch up with one one another. Zach talks about going back to school. Dawnee B tells us about her pole dancing classes. Sean has a quiet week and Steve asks the room why is the Ibuprofen locked up at Walmart.  Then the gang reads some Father's Day Tweets. Next we play a Budwiser Commercial for Father's Day, discuss the Traits of a Good Father, New Fathers Fears and Things You Will Never Hear Your Dad Say. We then offer up a Pocket Size Cinema 

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