Your Weekly Dose Podcast - Show 031 (I've Got A Litttle Song Here) 

Thanks to the wonderful heat we've been feeling lately, today's theme is Heat Wave by Martha Reeves and The Vandellas. Right away we find out that Vee is moving into her new apartment and Intern Michelle is at the Long Beach Comic Con. So today it's Sean, PJ and Steve. We hear more about PJ's tummy issues, More Driving Miss Daisy stories from Steve and then Sean had one hell of a week. New job to computer going out on him. Sean's son meets retired Laker AC Green and Sean performs on Demo Radio at the request of a fan.   We then talk about all the good things going on due to the floods in Texas. Remember YOU can help by going to to donate.  We then have singer/songwriters Steven McClintock and David Fertitta in the studio. After the show we were able to do a Facebook Live and here them perform a few songs.











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